We Love Cookies

Our goal is simple.
Use the finest ingredients and create unique cookies
so that each cookie is an experience ... each bite an event.


Hollywood Hunk Cookie

Gorgeous hunks of imported French artisan dark chocolate and hand chopped, toasted walnuts costar in this chewy remake of a classic cookie … perfected in the Seriously Good Cookies style.

Big Bang Cookie

The worlds of imported French artisan dark chocolate, hand-chopped toasted walnuts and almonds, and chewy, crunchy oatmeal collide in an explosion of taste in the Big Bang Cookie. The best of all worlds, this may be the best cookie in the universe.

Peanut Butter Brittle Cookie

Delicious chunky peanut butter packed with butter-toffee peanuts brittled to perfection and finished off with a drizzle of imported French artisan dark chocolate.

Raisin Expectations Cookie

Exceed your expectations with this chewy, crunchy cookie of old-fashioned organic rolled oats and plump California raisins combined with brown sugar, natural cream butter and the finest imported Mexican vanilla creating this traditional “comfort cookie”.

Yin Yang Cookie

Dark, light … sweet, salty … night, day … crunchy, chewy!
Both energies are honored as the flavors of premium toasted cashews and imported Belgian white chocolate chunks are contrasted like night and day … encased in a cookie of the finest Dutch dark cocoa and imported Madagascar Bourbon vanilla and then finally drizzled with more white chocolate.

Pecan Pie Cookie

Toasted premium southern pecans and the flavors of creamy caramel are showcased by a chewy, crunchy organic oatmeal cookie rich with the flavors of natural brown sugar, natural cream butter and cinnamon … finally dusted with a little more of the finest imported Far East cinnamon.

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